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Meet our Pilates Nerds

Owner and Operator, Pilates Nerd Down Under
Claire is a lover of all things Pilates and movement. Growing up with a Dance background, Pilates was a natural fit for Claire, and once she started a lifelong obsession was born. Starting out by spending everyday in the studio, it quickly grew into needing to complete teacher training so she can spread her love with those around her. 



Claire is passionate about creating a safe, fun, efficient and empowering movement practice within everyone she meets. 

You can get in touch with Claire through our contact us section of the website, or via any of our social media channels. She is always up for a chat and wanting to connect with everyone so that the love she has for the Pilates method can be spread far and wide.



Founder of Pilates Nerd
Karen Ellis is the curator of Pilates Nerd.  She draws inspiration from nearly everything, especially people.  She has been so deeply impacted by her fellow colleagues and their enthusiasm for all things Pilates, that she felt it was a “movement” worthy of repute: hence Pilates Nerd™ was born! 

Karen Ellis Founder of Pilates Nerd