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What I learnt during March MATness

How did you feel throughout March?

During March MATness this year, I took on a challenge, set by Lesley Logan to complete 30 mins of Pilates a day for 30 days. For my challenge I set out to do AT LEAST 30 mins of Matwork everyday - and because March has 31 days, that meant I did 31 days x 30 mins.

Some days were tough, particularly Sunday mornings after a fun Saturday night. Some days I was so tight from hours of desk work, and some days the 30 mins needed didn't present themselves until the kids had been fed, watered, cleaned, played with, and put into bed. But, even with work, kids and general life I got my 30 mins in everyday, and BOY OH BOY did I feel good at the end of the month!

I learnt a lot about my body in this month, where I am particularly weak after sleeping on my side, which exercises I avoid at all costs (which means I NEED to do them more often!), and which exercises present a mental hurdle for me.

But do you know what else happened?

I got stronger, I found focus and I found so many more creative ways to transition from exercise to exercise, I changed up flows and I'm sure my class programming got better, but above all else, I continued to grow my love for the method and had a ball connecting with people all over the world sharing their March MATness.

I am looking forward to March 2020, and am continuing with at least 30 mins of pilates a day, this month focussing on Reformer, I can't wait to see where this takes me.

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See you on the Mat. xx

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