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Tips to stay active while working out of town

Long days on the road and working away from home can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds.

We've collected a bunch of tips and tricks to stay active and sane in the times our schedules don't align with what we need or want.

1. Stay Hydrated! It sounds simple - but boy oh boy, it's normally the first thing to go. Grab a bottle of water and keep it close. Everywhere I travel to I take my own bottle so it's familiar and I never loose it!

2. Sleep! Sleep is so important, travel plus the added brain power of working in a different environment is so exhausting. Try and get as much down time and rest as you can. 

3. Move everyday - you might not be able to stick to your normal routine, but find options around you. Try the hotel Gym or take your Mat with you and throw it down in the room, find a local Pilates studio and book in a session or find a park to go for a walk around. It'll re-energise you and give you that boost you need.

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4. Have some creature comforts - especially important if you're away for an extended period. It could be your favourite Tea to have before bed, a jar of Peanut Butter, a good book or your face mask - whatever it is that helps keep you sane, pack it or buy it when you get there!

5. Eat as healthily as you can - if you don't normally eat out regularly, working away from home can really mess you up. I find on extended trips the best option for me is to book an apartment to stay in so I have a full kitchen and cooking options. This way I still benefit from a balanced dinner, have breakfast options that fuel me and can take something for lunch.

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6. Stay in touch with your family/friends/loved ones as much as possible! It can get pretty lonely on the road, so regularly keeping in touch can really help.


How do you take care of yourself when you've got to travel or work away from home. Drop a comment below and let us know. We might all find some new tricks.




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