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The Genius of Joseph Pilates and his Method

Pilates is so much more than an exercise regime. It’s a lifestyle, it’s a community…and we have Joseph Pilates to thank for it.

It’s widely known that Joe Pilates wanted the whole world to practise his method. He truly believed the world would be a healthier, happier place if everyone found the value of his ways. As a Pilates devotee, I absolutely agree.

If only I had a dollar for every client that said, “I feel so much better” after a Pilates session. Every day, I watch my clients transform before my eyes. So many walk in to the studio complaining of another long and stressful day. I can see the exhaustion on their face, and in the way they hold themselves. But by the end of their Pilates session, they are rejuvenated – relieved of stress, discomfort and pain. They are energised with more breath, circulation and movement.

Joe Pilates was definitely a genius! Referring to Pilates, he once said; in 10 sessions you’ll feel better, in 20 sessions you’ll look better and in 30 sessions you’ll have a better body….and it’s true!

I’d even suggest clients can expect to see those changes sooner. In my experience, you will feel better with every Pilates session, and you’ll look better after just a handful of sessions…because your posture will improve and you’ll gain more control over your movement. More so, your temperament will change, and these things resonate further than mere physicality. The release, activation, strengthening, improved ranges of movement and control that the mind and body achieves will be well and truly obvious…long before 30 sessions!

In truth, it’s not so much about how many sessions you complete…but your level of commitment to the Pilates practise. Nothing in this world happens without committing to it, and Pilates is no different. If you commit to the principles of the Pilates Method, and commit to practising it, you are guaranteed to feel, look and be better well ahead of any schedule.

That’s where I believe the Pilates Nerd community is unique. I dare say, we deserve to be a little smug about what we have discovered (thanks to Joe’s genius). We understand Pilates as a lifestyle that needs to embraced, and we see it as our mission to help others find the same joy and promise that this method holds. We are special…who else can help others in such a vibrant and productive way?!

Joe was absolutely spot on when he said the whole world would be better with Pilates. We KNOW it because we love it and we live it. To be a conduit to a better way of life is something I am incredibly proud of…and you should be too!

Here’s to Joe…the original Pilates Nerd.

 Authored by Sally Anderson

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