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Pilates On Tour 2018

Friday morning, August 24 was a fairly dreary morning in Sydney, but definitely not a sign of things to come.

Walking down to the exhibition space was a little bit nerve wrecking, this was my first Pilates conference (ever) and I didn't have my friends around to take that edge off. But, once I got down there I saw a heap of familiar faces - either people I'd met along the way, people I follow on the socials....and the real treat, oh so many of you rocking Pilates Nerd Down Under gear!

Day 1 was amazing, a great Matwork with Lanette to kickstart and then two workshops with Joy Puleo - Spinal Mobility and Twisted Reformer, and closing the day was a release Matwork with Andrew and a well deserved glass of champagne.

To say I was exhausted by the end would be fair, but exhausted from excitement, exhausted from being in an area surrounded by like minded people who all have the same passion, exhausted from learning so much (my note writing skills definitely need work).

Day two brought a beautiful sunrise over the water and a full on matwork to kick start the day with Katrina Edwards. After that was the session I was most excited to take - Think Fit: Circuit Programming for Pilates with Portia Page. OMG, the workshop was amazing and exhausting. But this is the workshop I took the most away from.

All this week I've been busy thinking of ways to incorporate more cardio into sessions in the studio and other classes we can plan, maybe a couple of challenges to go with it. Definitely exciting, and a great challenge to add to any workout.


Next stop - the APMA retreat in September. While I won't be attending as a delegate, Pilates Nerd will be there with a pop up shop and some smiling faces, and I am so excited to catch up with new friends and meet even more of you!

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