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Pilates Nerds Down Under in the Wild West!

There's no bigger Pilates nerds in Western Australia than Frances Cahill and Suzanne Newby. Yep, we stand by that claim. Anyone over there that thinks they are more Pilates nerdy than these girls... well, that's big talk in the wild west!

Frances and Suzanne ... "the girls" as they are collectively known, are the founders and directors of Pilates Fitness Institute WA (PFIWA). PFIWA are a RTO delivering govt accredited Pilates education, as well as a network of studios across the suburbs of Perth with a main headquarters in Myaree. 

Frances and Suzanne have put a lot of time and effort into their own training, and are passing on that expertise and the sort of skills and knowledge that comes from endless dedication to something that is an absolute passion. Staff at PFIWA are constantly mentored as well as students of the courses, and industry colleagues are provided for with an extensive continuing education program.

And on top of all that going on, both girls have become mums to some gorgeous up-and-coming Pilates Nerds in the adorable forms of Bo, Zuma and Willa. 

Suz, Bo and Zuma   Fran and Willa

If you're anywhere around Perth over the coming year, or feel like a trip to the wild West of Australia, go see 'the girls' for some Pilates fun and fabulousness. And if you're looking for Pilates classes or Pilates training, we highly recommend PFIWA, their leaders, and their whole team of quality trainers.

Check out more about Frances, Suzanne and PFI here: 

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