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Pilates Nerd Down Under, Katrina Edwards

Katrina is a pretty well known Pilates Nerd Down Under. She may need little to no introducing for most of you, as director of National Pilates Training and Aligned For Life Studios in Melbourne Victoria and with a long history of Pilates teaching and presenting around the country. 

What many of you might not know is that Katrina has become the full time Student Development Coordinator & Conditioning Specialist at the Australian Ballet School. Lucky students! Katrina graduated from the Australian Ballet School herself many years ago and after a career in ballet, moved into commercial theatre where she worked extensively for a long time across principal roles in musicals including Showboat, and ensemble work with companies such as the original Phantom of the Opera. 

During her performing years Katrina relied on the Pilates Method to keep her in condition, injury free, and to create longevity in careers that can be difficult to sustain. It served her very well and drew her to continue down the path of Pilates teaching when she decided to become a mum and find new journeys to inspire herself. 

Katrina has taught Pilates for nearly twenty years and presented workshops extensively over that time. She has worked with all manner of clients, with performers and athletes particularly drawn to her door by the expertise and understanding she has developed in these fields. 

Congratulations to Katrina for all she has achieved and we know that her talents and dedication will be a pivotal influence for the Aussie Ballet School students. 




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