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Nerding out!

Over the early weeks of March we had the opportunity to Nerd out with none other than Pilates royalty, Deborah Lessen.

In Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, Deborah gave Pilates Nerds some down under Pilates love and huge amounts of inspiration. Taking us from the history and lineage of Carola Trier through her own journey, her enormous contributions to the global Pilates industry and onward into the future with so many teaching 'gems' that she shared, we Pilates Nerds Down Under were exhilarated, enormously inspired, and so happily exhausted by the time we waved her off into the New York snow storms of her home.

It was amazing to share time with someone who has been so instrumental to both the teaching of the Pilates Method and in the professional working industry, setting standards and standing up for the profession.

It was also a joy to share time with our great down under community of Pilates teachers. We have an incredible industry of smart, fun, sharing and engaged teachers all across our country, that is worth celebrating. And they certainly know how to wear their activewear well too!! Here's a few of the stylish, wonderful teachers who came together in their magnificent activewear. Check it out...!





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