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Meet Pilates Nerd, Chantal de Rolf

Pilates... to me it's so much more than just a form of exercise. Pilates enables me to constantly keep learning, moving and thinking, and is very much a way of life. It's is a way for me to express myself and to help others reach their goals, both physically and mentally and I simply love being inspired by it! 

My Pilates journey began at age 15 to help enhance my ballet training. From the start, I enjoyed being challenged, not only from a strength point of view, but also loved the precision and technique behind each exercise and movement. Five years later, I decided to enter the instructing realm of Pilates through PilatesITC and have never looked back. Each studio I have worked at, I was able to learn and grow from, and now, I'm thrilled to run my very own studio on the Gold Coast, Invigorate Pilates, where I try to help others fill their lives with energy... and where I am able to maintain my 'Pilates Nerd' status with ease. 

Chantal de Rolf, gorgeous Pilates Nerd!I am very passionate about spreading awareness of the benefits of Pilates. We all know how important exercise is for our bodies but I hope to continue sharing how crucial it is for our minds as well. Through Alzheimer's Australia QLD, my fundraiser, "Invigorate the Mind" (which I intend to be an annual event) was established for this very reason. This year during Brain Health Week, we were able to raise funds through donators participating in a Pilates mat class. It absolutely ticks all the right boxes from helping people with memory, balance, coordination, maintaining a routine, increased blood flow, social interaction and release of endorphins. Here's to "Invigorate the Mind 2017!"


I look forward to many more years of instructing, being inspired by the work of Joseph Pilates, other instructors and my clients and always endeavour to have a giggle along the way.  

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