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March MATness, 2019

Who is going to join us for March MATness in 2019?

If you don't know, March MATness is an annual celebration of the work, in its original form as designed by Joseph Pilates and explained in his book Return to Life through Contrology. March MATness is the brainchild of Benjamin Degenhardt (360 Pilates), who started March MATness back in 2013 when filming himself to watch back with the intent of correcting form and self assessment - from the videos Benjamin extracted screen shots (something I'm sure we all do ;) )

March MATness has now grown into an amazing social media campaign where every enthusiast of the method can participate, by posting a pic, sharing inspiration, what they love, where they feel the exercise, what Pilates means to them etc...

You don't even need to have anything special to join in...follow along on all the socials using #marchMATness and if you feel so inclined, grab your mat and see where your body takes you.  If you do decide to post something, check out the website and make sure you post in the original order.

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Mat: That Mat is Mine. Shirt: Pilates Nerd Down Under

We're hitting the mat, because it's our favourite place to hang out, so please join us! Let us know below what your go to mat exercise is to shake out the cobwebs and get the blood flowing.

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