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 Sara Colquhoun is a proud Ambassador of Pilates Nerd Down Under. Starting her Pilates journey at just 14 years of age, today Sara is an internationally acclaimed Pilates expert with a host of high-profile clients (from AFL players to dancers from the Australian Ballet) and the founder of KI Movement Pilates in South Melbourne. She recently won an international competition that saw her become one of the youngest instructors to join Pilates Anytime; joining an elite group of trainers with direct lineage to Joseph Pilates. Driving that success is her genuine passion for helping people lead wholesome, healthy lifestyles...and of course, a love for Pilates that only a true Pilates Nerd can understand!


Sara, you’ve had such an incredible career so far...what do you love the most about what you do?

Everything! Teaching Pilates is so rewarding whether it’s seeing people reach new goals, recover from injury or just have more enjoyment in their life because of what they do in studio…it’s the best feeling. I also have a broad range of clients so I’m lucky to get people from every walk of life. I would have to say being part of someone’s rehabilitation journey is one of my favourite aspects of teaching. When people trust you and the Pilates method, they get amazing results. There is nothing better.


How were you first introduced to Pilates?

I first started Pilates at the age of 14, at my local dance school which was held in the local town hall. I was from a very small rural town and no one had really heard of Pilates, let alone knew what it was! We were fortunate that one of our teachers had done her matwork training. As dancers, we knew it was supposed to be good for us, so naturally we all participated! About two years later at the age of 16, my dancing went from 3 hours a day to 5-7 hours a day and my knees couldn’t cope with the constant pressure. Luckily I was travelling to the city for school, and there was a Pilates studio nearby. I had patella femoral tracking problems and doing Pilates three times a week plus home exercises had me back at the ballet barre in 6 weeks. This was when I was introduced to all of the wonderful apparatus. The first day I jumped on a reformer I knew I was going to be a Pilates teacher. A year later I was knocking at PilatesITC’s door.


Speaking of wonderful apparatus, do you have a studio favourite?

Probably the Cadillac. I feel like when I’m on the Cadillac I really become at one with the apparatus and it has an amazing balance of fluidity and power. Please don’t tell the other apparatus that I chose the Cadillac!


Your secret is safe with us! But first, give us your top three Pilates exercises.

Only three?! Okay, well I will probably sound super boring but nothing beats a good old Pelvic Curl! I’m a lordotic posture so this ticks all the boxes for me and mentally prepares me for any workout. I love leg and footwork on any apparatus. I just feel like this re-balances my body and post my broken foot, is a vital sequence in my week for my alignment and strength. My body simply doesn’t cope if I don’t do this every week. Finally, Climb a Tree on the HB. What’s not to love about this exercise? The fluidity, the articulation, abdominal strength and flexibility all rolled into one. Add in a cheeky walkover and I’m in heaven! I do love being upside down!


Okay, what about your least favourite?
Armwork! Basically anything that rolls into this category I’m not a fan of because I am so weak in my upper body! I can hear all of those teachers saying that just means you need to do more of it…I know, I know. Also, hamstring strengthening is so challenging for me so if you really don’t want me to come back to a class just give me lots of Hamstring Curls on the Wunda Chair!


We don’t normally say this, but enough Pilates talk. What’s home life like?
I live with my amazing partner Dan. We both run our own businesses and he is also studying full-time so our lives can get very hectic. When I’m not teaching we get to work together from home…those rare days are nice.


What do you do for fun?

I love getting outside as much as I can! We have a vegetable garden at home so I love maintaining that, running, playing soccer in the park and I still dance when I have time. I also do Pole Fitness which is such a great challenge and completely takes my mind off everything else.


That sounds amazing! One last question. How would you solve world peace?

Pilates, meditation and chocolate. That is all!


Wise words from our fellow Pilates Nerd. Thanks so much for chatting with us Sara!




Sara Colquhoun, PilatesNerdAU Ambassador 2016

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