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I’m a Pilates Nerd... and I'm proud of it!

Pilates…what is it really? My first Pilates session was in Calabasas, Los Angeles in 2000 with a wonderful instructor called Janel. I don’t know what happened but I was instantly hooked!

I truly can’t explain why…it just made sense to my brain and my body.

I will admit I have always been a frustrated performer with an urge to feel the beauty of dance in my own body.  My spirit loves to dance but my body may not necessarily have the skill to perform as beautifully as some. With Pilates I was able to connect my mind with my body, without necessarily thinking I was on some spiritual mission, and hence I began my own personal dance. 

Pilates was fun, challenging and made me realize that I wasn’t quite as strong or connected as I thought. For some reason, this made me want to keep going back to see what my true potential really was. I had tried yoga previously but found it quite frustrating; quietening my mind and focusing so much on breath was very challenging to me at that time in my life. 

Looking back, what now surprises me is the incredible change and personal growth that I have undergone through my life where Pilates has been my focus. Learning how to connect with and understand the inner workings of my body, to find the power of breath in movement and to continue mastering my own technique - a technique that only needs to serve me - has given me so much more confidence mentally and physically. On a spiritual level, I also feel I have grown to find a better sense of myself.

Funny, I actually tried yoga back in LA some years later and appreciated it so much more due to my new found appreciation of how my body could move, and how I could move with breath. My vastly improved flexibility thanks to Pilates probably also helped immensely!

In my opinion, Pilates should not just be associated with a flat tummy and toned butt. It is so much more powerful than that! Pilates is designed to stimulate your senses, increase your blood flow, massage your organs, improve flexibility and muscle control, and help you be the best possible version of yourself. It empowers you with better posture, less stress, quality rest and more respect for the inner workings of what goes in and out of your body. You’ll learn to breathe!

Pilates also taught me about commitment; to stick with something and see noticeable changes both physically and mentally, to never give up and keep working at something you are passionate about. 

Today, I absolutely consider myself a Pilates Nerd (in fact, one of Australia’s biggest Pilates Nerds) and I love it. I run a successful Pilates studio in Brisbane, operate the Queensland training division for PilatesITC, teach the Buff Bones program in Australia, and have even had the privilege of working with Cirque Du Soleil. I have the most wonderful Pilates Nerd family who share the same goals, passion and a true belief in what Pilates really is. Back in 2000, I never would have thought this possible!

Pilates is a way of life… it teaches us so much more than we realize. With patience and persistence, we can all be the masters of our own future and dance to our own song!


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