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We are excited to announce that Pilates Nerd Down Under is under new ownership from 1st June 2018!

Please welcome passionate Pilates Nerd, Claire Harb, to the helm of this wonderful Nerding out community hub.

Claire is perfectly poised to lead all us Aussie and NZ Pilates Nerds forward.

Here’s the inside info on Claire so you know just how Nerdy she can be about Pilates...

Claire lives in Bungendore, which is a small town in NSW. She loves the community and the vibe of the town – although it’s small there is always something going on. It’s also pretty close to Canberra and an easy drive to the south coast.


She lives with partner James, sons Cameron and Hunter, and their lovely German daughter, Elena.

Claire is an amazing time manager and multi –tasker for sure!  Here she tells us about her work, play, and how ‘Pilates Nerdy’ she is ….   

Tell us about your current work.. My day ‘job’ is the Playout Operations Manager at Channel Nine in Canberra where I have a team of 30, and am in charge of the broadcast of all of our TV services across regional Australia – which is around 128 channels – all running 24/7.

In the mornings and evenings Claire teaches Pilates Matwork and Barre classes at Wellbeing Pilates Studio in Bungendore and Dance at One2Step in Bungendore.

Claire's day job has enabled her to grow into the role of a manager, and while at it, to be exposed to some amazing talent, not only behind the scenes but also on air talent and ‘famous’ people that she has been lucky enough to meet. 

My Matwork and Barre teaching allows me to be me, and truly live what I am passionate about – which is helping and enabling people to move and find joy in the movement, all while giving them a good workout that makes them feel alive.

My Dance teaching is amazing, I have the cutest littlies – I’m currently teaching Preschool Tap and Ballet – they are so gorgeous and I love to share my love for dance with them.

How are you a Pilates Nerd? I just love Pilates. I talk about it constantly, I think about it constantly, I dream about it – If I’m struggling in an exercise or just have that one goal I desperately want to hit, I dream about it, visualise it – really anything I can do to get me closer to it. I practice every day, it’s really like an art form to me. I read and research anything and everything that I can.

When and where did you start Pilates? I dabbled a tiny bit while dancing as a kid, but nothing formal. It wasn’t until we moved to Bungendore about 4 years ago that I started taking classes; the first week was once class, the second week was two classes and before I knew it I was obsessed and in the studio daily. From there this obsession grew and grew until one day our studio owner said to me I should look into teacher training and work for her. Without a thought I was online researching courses and enrolled about a week later in the Diploma through PilatesITC.

Why did you start Pilates? Give us your story behind finding the Pilates Method.. I knew my body needed something that could give it what it was missing, and without a good adult dance class around I gravitated towards Pilates. I had been exposed to it, had read all the benefits, and figured I may as well rock up to a class at the local studio and give it a go.

Where is the strangest place you’ve done Pilates? I don’t think I’ve done Pilates in any really strange places. I hike at lunchtimes a couple of days a week and have been known to smash out some exercises mid hike.

Share three of your fave Pilates exercises with us? Rollover, Hundred and Seal. They’re just fun, plus they make me feel amazing!

What about your least favourite/s? Hamstring Pull on the Wunda Chair, OMG I want to pop my instructor in the face when she asks for those!

If you really had to choose, what’s your favourite Pilates apparatus? Cadillac for the fun! It brings such a fun, childlike joy to the work - plus I love seeing people’s faces when they first see a Cadillac.

What else do you get up to? Not that it sounds like you have spare time …!

I like spending time in our lovely home. We have a fairly big block of land, an awesome back yard with a mini soccer field & climbing gym for the kids. We live at the top of a hill, so have spent the last few years planning it out and making it an awesome space to spend time in the summer. We have a big fire pit right at the top of our block and have views across the whole valley we live in – which is a great place to hang out with friends and family. We also have some big veggie patches, an orchid that takes up about a third of our block and 8 chickens that look after everything for us. I love having a working veggie patch and fruit trees.

My next project is to build a new outdoor entertaining area near my veggie patch and orchid that will be behind a wall of conifers and become my very own secret garden.

Inside our house is pretty standard, but this year James did do up my home gym and it is now perfect and has space for my reformer, mats, has a barre and a mirrored wall. It’s the perfect space.

Any chance for holidays? My last proper holiday was to Hobart at Christmas, my sister recently moved down there so we had a family pilgrimage to visit. I tried a few local studios out while we were down there which was awesome!

James and I are heading to New York in October – it’s not really going to be much of a holiday as he is competing in the World Speedgolf Championships, but I’ve planned some serious R&R at the resort we are staying at, picked which shows to see on Broadway, and have a hit list of all the studios I want to visit and have a session at. 

Anything else on the horizon? I’m a big goal setter, so definitely always plans for the future J First up, finish off my Diploma, spread Pilates Nerd AU far and wide; and, eventually, leave the corporate world to focus on all the things that I am so passionate about and bring me such joy.

I am looking forward to being in touch regularly with the Pilates Nerd Down Under community and sharing our love of Pilates and all things movement.

Thanks for letting me share my story and I look forward to hearing yours.


PS: This is Claire looking super serious in the office! Working hard on all things Nerdy..!!

Claire in the office

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