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New to Pilates? Here are our top picks.

Is this the year when you decide to try out Pilates, switch up your routine or simply make some small, but meaningful changes?

Pilates is all about the functional - and functional movement leads to better quality of life.

If giving Pilates a go is what you have on your 2020 bucket list, we couldn't be more supportive! Inside a Pilates Studio you'll find the most supportive communities, trainers who truly LOVE what they do and want to support you and your goals, and you'll move. Not for the sake of moving, but because you will fall in love with movement again and want to go back day after day.

Here are our top items to help you transition into the studio, and make movement supportive and accessible.

1. LOVE Teaser - you might not know it right now, but you will fall in love with the Teaser. #teasertuesday anyone?

2. Pilates Nerd - simple and sophisticated, just like the method itself.

3. Sea You in Pilates - Take your fave sea creatures, and find your new fave Pilates exercises, plus this racerback tank is a gorgeous fit.

4. Pilates Nerd Casual Pants - perfect for the studio and at home (we wear ours EVERYWHERE)








These and many more are available in our store. Get ready to hit the studio now. And sign up to our newsletter for new items, exclusive offers and more Pilates news.

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