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Christmas Gift Guide

It's never too early to start thinking about what to get that special someone for Christmas. For all those Pilates Nerds out there we have compiled a list of the top seven presents to choose from.

Grab a cuppa and have a browse, we're sure you'll find exactly what you are after.

  1. A Float Tank experience - Floating is all the rage at the moment, seeing massive growth in the self care realm over the past two years. Float studios are popping up all over the country, with 1 hour floats ranging between $65 - $90, this is a present your intended will never forget.
  2. Small Apparatus - If your Pilates lover likes to keep their practice up outside of the studio, Small Apparatus is the way to go. Below are a couple of my go-to pieces that I always have laying around my home studio or lounge room.
    Magic Circle
    Gym Ball
    Small Pilates Ball
    Hand Weights
    Cork Roller
    Foam Roller
    Most of these items can be picked up at any fitness store, or major department stores. For a real roller experience you can't go past the Cork Roller from Sure Project retailing at $55, this little beauty will change your life. 
  3. Grippy Socks! Who doesn't love new grippy socks. Our Favourite socks are from Move Active. They have a cute range of socks, including Knee and Thigh High's, Gift Boxes and Sock Subscriptions. They have also just released a range of 'everyday socks'. 
  4. New Active Wear!! Who doesn't love opening up a present filled with new activewear! Head to our store page and check out the latest Pilates Nerd shirts. Perfect for both male and female pilates nerds. 
  5. Pilates Anytime subscription. This is perfect for those who love to take their practice on the road. Pilates Anytime features thousands of workouts, for all levels utilising all types of apparatus. There are programs to follow, or simply pick the workout that is calling you that day. From as little as $18/month Pilates Anytime is perfect for everyone.
  6. Studio Membership. Heaps of studios offer Monthly memberships these days, enquire with your studio to see what they offer.
  7. Pilates Books. There are some fantastic books on Pilates out there, but the very best were written by the man himself - Joseph Pilates. You can pick up copies of 'Your Health' and 'Return to Life Through Contrology' from Amazon, Fishpond and The Book Depository to name a few - most major online bookstores will have a copy available.
    For the littlest Pilates Nerds check out 'My First Book of Pilates' available at Booktopia