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Meet Cat Giannitto, definitely a Pilates Nerd Down Under!

We caught up with Cat (Catherine) Giannitto and found out about her Pilates Nerdish-ness. Oh yeah, she's definitely a PNDU!!

Cat is Licensee and Director of Polestar Pilates and Education in Australia, a role she's excelled in for over 15 years. Cat has built a thriving training organisation and studio business at the same time as raising two gorgeous daughters Amelia and Claudia, with husband Reno. She's an energetic, multi-tasking, fun, vivacious bundle of a Pilates Nerd living on Sydney's Northern beaches - a place she refers to as "God's paradise!" (We think she likes it ;) 

We asked Cat to Nerd up for us ...

PNDU: We know you're a Pilates Nerd, but what tells you you're a Pilates Nerd?  

CG: Ask any of my clients or staff – I’m the biggest nerd they know.  I just say what I feel and most of the time it comes out wrong – but for some reason they all understand me.  I’m proud to be a Pilates Nerd


PNDU: What’s great about what you do?

CG: I love what I do, its such a positive and inspiring role to fulfil.  I never get bored and I meet the most amazing people, both clients and work colleagues.  It’s a true honour to be able to assist people to feel and move better.


PNDU: Why, when, where did you start Pilates? 

CG: I started Pilates in 2000 after I hurt my back in a car accident.  I went to a clinic at Neutral Bay which had physios’s and instructors, and they got me back on track and to a point where I fell in love with it. I decided to change careers from the corporate world I’d lived in for about 13years – the timing was perfect. 


PNDU: Where is the strangest place you’ve done Pilates?

CG: Not strangest but the most amazing was on the beach in Maui.  I was with my Pilates friends from around the globe (Polestar Licencees) I was 35 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and we were doing an early morning group session.  It was quiet and peaceful and then we could hear the singing of the “Whales” – it was so beautiful and moving.  Very special.


PNDU: Give us three of your fave Pilates exercises and why you love them..

Single leg kick – it works the whole back body and undoes all the iPad and forward postures of the day

Boomerang – I love the flow and choreography as it combines the spine stretch, teaser and rollover all into one beautiful movement

Breathing on the Trapeze – focus on posterior breath combined with work of the posterior oblique sling.  Helps me unload my SIJ’s


PNDU: What about your least favourites, and why?

CG: Pushup – mainly cause I still can’t do a full one, but I’m working on it.


PNDU: If you really had to choose, what’s your favourite Pilates apparatus?

CG: OMG that is a real hard one.  I love them all for different reasons.  I would say though, probably the Trap Table / Caddy. You can do all the mat moves on there without getting down to the floor and you can hang up side down which is so awesome for the parasympathetic nervous system.


PNDU: Who do you live with and what do you get up to outside nerding out on Pilates?  

CG: My hubbie Reno, 2 amazing girls  Claudia 10 and Amelia 11,and 2 crazy kittens Brax and Juniper. We live a crazy busy life with two very active girls. We spend most of our time running around to soccer training and games, basketball, swimming lessons, dance lessons, nippers, music/band, but also love the movies.  We are real movie buff sand love popcorn and ice cream at the movies or at home.


PNDU: Who inspires you and why?

CG: So many people inspire me. My parents who raised me with good guidelines to be a good person and taught me to work hard for your achievements.  My nanna who is 102 and came to Australia in 1950 from Malta after WW2 with 3 small children and not a word of English for a better life.  My deaf brother who does more with his life than most hearing people.  My staff and friends.  My boss Brent Anderson, who cares so much about everyone in general and shows so much humanity and compassion to what he does.  My husband and children, just inspire me to always be a better person and to forgive and move on.


PNDU: Your hopes and plans for next year?

CG: To be healthy and keep spending time with my family and friends, growing my knowledge of the business and Pilates in general. Hopefully also going on a family holiday to an island to do lots of snorkelling with the kids.


PNDU: Now let's wrap up with a simple one ... how would you solve world peace?   

CG: OMG REALLY!!   Just be KIND and stop being GREEDY.  Don’t hold a grudge.

That's some pretty damn good advice CG. Thanks for your insights and for being an amazing Pilates Nerd Down Under!

Cat Giannitto at PMA

Cat with Polestar CEO Brent Anderson, Principal Educator Shelley Power and Juan Nieto

Cat with her great mate and PMA President Shelley Power at a recent PMA conference 

Cat leading the Aussies (and Shelley)  astray at a PMA Halloween party