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Meet Alyna - A Pilates Nerd from way back!

Pilates Nerd Down Under is pleased to introduce you to Alyna Rost, Owner and Director of Momentum Pilates in Baulkham Hills.


Alyna has been practicing Pilates since she was 12 as an aspiring ballerina. Pilates was the perfect complement to Alyna's ballet training as it assisted with gaining strength, flexibility and mobility. While Alyna was training at the English National Ballet School Pilates became a part of her routine, completing at least 30 minutes of Pilates everyday. All of this led Alyna to complete her teacher training and begin teaching in 2010, eventually opening her studio in 2011. 

We sat down with Alyna and got the low down on all things Pilates:

PNDU: What is great about what you do? 

AR: I believe that a happy body and mind is a happy life. I love to encourage people to listen to their bodies and to move. I want to inspire people to make a meaningful mind and body connection, whether they are coming to be challenged and sweat or to rehabilitate. Pilates is fantastic for people to learn more about their bodies and how they move. 

PNDU: Give us two of your favourite Pilates exercises and why

AR: I love Bridging. It’s a simple mat exercise, but it can tell you so much about what’s going on with your body. I always feel fantastic after doing a few bridges!

Feet in straps on the Reformer - this is properly because it makes me feel a little like a dancer again! I love the lengthening, stretching and strengthening of the adductors, hamstrings and abdominals that feet in straps provides. It makes me feel so long and lengthened throughout my whole body. If I have five minutes – it’s my go to exercise!

PNDU: What about your least favourites, and why

AR: There are a few exercises that I don’t love, but I always try and find an aspect of them that I enjoy. There is something beneficial about practicing something that you don’t like because it may result in becoming a favourite when you feel it in your body and end up understanding it more. As I have gotten older my favourites and least favourites change – but I believe there is a benefit in trying everything and embracing it.

PNDU: If you really had to choose, what is your favourite Pilates apparatus?

AR: The Reformer.

PNDU: Who inspires you and why?

AR: There are so many amazing Pilates instructors who I find incredibly inspiring. One in particular is Cat Gianatto. She was one of my mentors when I did my Pilates training and I still try and do sessions with her as often as I can. She is a brilliant teacher, mentor and Educator and has a beautiful studio. 

PNDU: Tell us about your social media accounts and what you like posting; who is great to follow 

AR: I am on Instagram - momentum_pilates, Facebook - Momentum Pilates & Yoga and YouTube - Pilates With Momentum. I love all of these mediums as they all offer something different. My YouTube channel is a great platform for getting people interested in practicing Pilates at home. It is great as an educational tool to show the benefits of Pilates. Instagram is great for being creative with images and fun flows.

Pages/people great to follow are Vie Pilates, Anula Maiberg and Pilates TV


We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Alyna. Can't wait to see her rocking some Pilates Nerd Down Under x